Ask The Experts: Wedding Morning Tips

Often some of the most special memories of a wedding day can take place in those intimate moments before “I Do”. We love to help our couples set the tone for the day ahead with a relaxing and fun wedding morning! For the first post in our new blog series; “Ask The Experts”, we went straight to the wedding planners on our Recommended Vendor List for their advice on how to create a smooth and stress-free start to the day. From do’s and don’ts, to their must-have items to have on hand, read on for their excellent wedding morning tips.

Getting ready the morning of your wedding in the luxury onsite suites at The Hutton House

Image by Decora Topp Photography

Plan Ahead: What to Pack

The first thing these wedding planners recommend for a stress-free wedding morning…. a good packing list! Here are their tips for success when it comes to planning ahead and packing your wedding morning must-haves.

Make a packing list in your notes app as you are going through the planning process and add things to bring as they come to you. Start packing two weeks before your wedding, checking things off your list as you pack them. Leave all of the “can’t pack yet” items until the end.”

-Ashley Cook
Owner, Ashley Skeie Events

Pack an emergency kit – If you have a wedding planner, they will likely provide one as well. However, your wedding planner may not be onsite early in the morning when the wedding party is getting ready. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have your own emergency kit on hand as a backup plan. Consider items such as hair pins, safety pins, a sewing kit, stain remover pens or wipes, for starters. These essentials ensure you’re equipped to handle any unexpected hiccups.”

-Melody Hall
Owner, Events By Melody

“Have all of your attendants pack their items in one bag with their name on it. This will keep items organized and easy to pack up at the end of the night. This also makes for a great wedding party gift!”

-Ashley Cook
Owner, Ashley Skeie Events 

Leave Time To Snack & Sip

Between getting ready, the photos, the excitement, the emotions… it can be easy for breakfast to go by the wayside. But making time for you and your wedding party to stay fed and hydrated throughout the day was actually the top wedding morning tip from our recommended planners.

Our planners stress the importance of making time to eat and drink throughout the morning of your wedding

Image by Shane Long Photography

Eat a nutritious breakfast and drink lots of water. I won’t judge if you want to have a mimosa (or two) on the morning of your wedding! However, be sure to drink plenty of water and eat a nutritious breakfast. Make sure your wedding party gets something to eat as well. Bagels as well as fruit and veggie platters are always a great idea.”

-Melody Hall
Owner, Events By Melody

Always plan to feed the wedding party, focusing on foods that can’t easily spill or stain. Ideally, give them a chance to eat before your photographer arrives for getting ready photos!”

-Sam McManus
Owner, Plus One Event Co.

Keep it simple! The morning breakfast and lunch doesn’t need to be elaborate – keep breakfast simple with healthy options and grab and go convenience items like granola bars, bananas, and pastries.”

-Ashley Cook
Owner, Ashley Skeie Events 

Rachelle Mazumdar, owner of Style-Architects Weddings & Events, recommends building dedicated time for meals into your timeline throughout the day. This will help to ensure you and your wedding party actually take time to eat and help you plan accordingly for food on hand throughout the day.  

“Put someone from the wedding party (or better yet – a close friend or relative who is not in the wedding party) in charge of making sure you have snacks, water and meals delivered/provided (depending on where each group is getting ready). It’s a long day for the wedding party and you want to keep everyone fed and hydrated!”

-Denae Brennan
Owner, Denae Brennan Events

Bridal Beauty Do’s

For many brides, building in a little glam time for hair, makeup and getting dressed is an important piece of the wedding morning activities. These planners had excellent tips to share when it comes to bridal beauty do’s!

Images by Whitley Sander, Decora Topp Photography & Mariah Joy Photography

Print out your hair and makeup schedule and, if possible, include the artists’ Venmo QR code for payment and gratuities – it will help keep everyone on track and take up less time getting everyone’s payment squared away at the end!”

-Ashley Cook
Owner, Ashley Skeie Events

“If at all possible, do hair and makeup on-site at your wedding venue. It makes the day go so smoothly when you don’t have to travel. If you do have to travel from a getting ready location to the wedding venue, don’t forget to plan for travel time in your timeline. And always be sure to make travel arrangements in advance – it’s never a good idea to “figure out” who can drive you around on the wedding day.”

-Denae Brennan
Owner, Denae Brennan Events

“Have your gown and veil steamed or pressed onsite by a professional to ensure it is perfection on the day-of your wedding!”

-Rachelle Mazumdar
Owner, Style-Architects Weddings & Events

Relax & Enjoy

“We can tell you without a doubt the most relaxing and enjoyable wedding mornings are the ones that feel like you. If you are a ‘journal when you wake up with a cup of coffee’ person, do that! If you like to get some fresh air and go for a walk, schedule that in, do not miss out on your enjoyable morning routines. We often find our brides and grooms will go on a run the morning of their wedding (and we will always join you!) We want you to know there is time, the catch is to schedule these things ahead of time and communicate it to your people.” 

-Cassie Ogren
Owner, HoneyHill Weddings


“If it will help calm your nerves, go ahead and see your partner before the first look or ceremony. Sometimes it’s worth the calm it can bring to do a quick check-in before you’re dressed and ready to go.”

-Denae Brennan
Owner, Denae Brennan Events

Images by Northern Honey Photography, Lily Lancaster Photography & Russell Heeter Photography

Picture Perfect Photo Tips

With picture perfect moments around every corner, The Hutton House offers plenty of stunning options for the most special first look photos. With your wedding party, with your parents, and of course your partner, a first look might just be one of the most memorable parts of your wedding morning!

Rachelle Mazumdar, of Style-Architects Weddings & Events, suggests having important people that you may want to include in these photos (such as bridesmaids, Mother or Father of the Bride, etc.) dressed and ready by the time you put your gown on.  They will want to look and feel their best in the photos as well, while helping you into your gown!

Images by Decora Topp & Marit Williams Photography

Wedding Party Reminders

“Something to consider before even getting to your wedding day is how many people will be in your wedding party. The number of people in your crew can really impact the energy that morning and your timeline.”

-Lily Hansen
Owner, HappiLily Events

From large groups filled with fun and excitement, to intimate parties of just a few close loved ones, each couple’s wedding party is unique and special to them. If you are looking for ways to streamline your wedding morning timeline, Lily shares that having fewer people in your wedding party can often mean that you won’t have to start hair and makeup as early and your wedding party photos may not take as long – giving you a little more time to relax pre-ceremony.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed on your wedding morning, Cassie Ogren, of HoneyHill Weddings, recommends inviting a smaller group of people into your getting ready space to start your day and slowly allowing others to join you throughout the morning.

Image by Marit Williams Photography

Hotel Accommodations

You’ve likely thought about booking hotel accommodations for the night of your wedding, but have you considered booking the same room for the night before as well? Lexie Cummings, owner of Availed Wedding & Event Planning, shares this as one of her favorite wedding morning tips.

This allows the couple to get all their items over to the space the evening before and then for our brides – be able to get up and simply roll into hair and make-up versus having to travel to another location.

Your belongings are then already at the hotel so you’re not worrying about how you’re going to check-in and get your items into your hotel room when check-in is typically during ceremony time.

Once hair and make-up are completed, I recommend heading over to your venue suite and getting dressed and doing your final touches there.”

-Lexie Cummings
Owner, Availed Wedding & Event Planning

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