Tips To Energize Your Company’s Meetings

Any emotion you experience can show up as an ‘energy’ that you bring to your work and life. When we feel happy or sad, it shows up on our faces, in how our bodies feel, and in how we communicate and engage with others. When we are in a lower energetic state it impacts how others perceive us, and that can in turn impact our careers and relationships in a big way.

Energy mastery is all about awareness of that flow of emotions throughout your day and ensuring that you are showing up how you intend to show up to your colleagues, clients, and loved ones. Our guest blogger this month, Kristen Brown, of Kristen Brown Presents, is an energy mastery expert who uses her corporate insights, personal experiences as a widowed mom, and Master’s-level education on holistic decision-making and change to create customized Energy Experiences that motivate her audiences to laugh, think, grow and take action.

Read on for her top tips on incorporating this into your company through ways to energize your team meetings.

Energize your team meetings with these tips from our Guest Blogger, Kristen Brown

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Kristen is an interactive, funny, and relevant international keynote speaker, bestselling author, and corporate leader who has worked across multiple industries with the biggest brands on the planet, including Disney, Sony, Levi’s, Target, Lowe’s, and many more. She spent 15 years in traditional corporate leadership roles before a personal tragedy nudged her in a new direction.

“I was widowed 15 years ago when my 30-year-old husband died of a heart attack in his sleep. He was the picture of health and had just been given a clean bill of health at his annual physical. We had a 10-month-old daughter when he died and I was in a high-pressure job with a challenging boss, followed months later by the economic crash, so it was quite a journey going through that phase of my life. I didn’t know anything about self-help back then so it was a massive time of experimentation, learning, and opening my mind to trying new things to heal and move forward.

I’ve been able to take my diverse expertise and experience and turn it into a full-time career as a professional speaker on how to tap into your energy centers for success, even when you’re stressed or overloaded, helping organizations use holistic strategies to drive employee leadership, sales, engagement, and happiness…and create company events that engage, entertain, and inspire your group beyond the basics.

When you learn to master your energy centers, you charge up all dimensions of you, so that you can lead and live with awareness, confidence, and impact. Read on for my top tips on how you can energize your team meetings.

Kristen’s Top Tips To Energize Your Team Meetings


Because of the unknowns in the economy right now, many companies are cutting budgets for workplace events, wellness/mental health speakers, and general professional and personal growth and development.

But now is when employees need that support and learning the most as the economy and world go through massive change, leading to worker stress and fear. This directly hurts productivity, mental health, turnover, engagement, and bottom line growth. Now is the time to help your employees manage those emotions with energy awareness and events to help them through it.

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A good emcee keeps an event fun, engaging, relevant, and actionable. Most executives or committee members who are “volun-told” to emcee aren’t skilled speakers and can actually hurt the event experience. Hiring an emcee, frees them up to network and enjoy the event, rather than stressing over their content.

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Investing in paid professional speakers is a great way to energize your team meetings. Always look at their website, social media, LinkedIn, AND get them on the phone or Zoom so you can see and hear their energy and style. Research shows that attendees go to events to learn and network. They don’t necessarily care about the thousand dollar dessert tray or the mid-afternoon snack break. I recommend funneling that cash into your speaker budget. You get what you pay for and it will make or break your event!

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Most executives and leaders can deliver a decent speech in a meeting, but when it comes to inspiring action at a larger event, often they can be pretty boring or have no calls to action to drive audience engagement. When you hire a speaker coach they can help your internal speakers craft their presentation, build in humor and interactivity, and make sure they are giving the audience true motivation to take action on the message.

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Help create positive energy at your meeting or event by offering both structured and open networking time. Introverts shudder in fear at “open networking”, while extroverts dislike “structured networking.” Therefore, I recommend including both so that all guests feel heard and seen, and comfortable making new connections.

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Powering through from 8am-5pm may seem like a good idea for budget and time but it totally burns out an attendee. Lighten up the agenda, shorten the sessions, make breakouts into a panel, break your meeting into two half days, create an annual programming calendar… but don’t try to pack too much into one long day. By the end the audience will be tired and tune out most of what they hear.

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There you have it… my top tips for energizing your next team meeting! Energy is critical at work because when you turn it on and turn it up it does several things, from making you a more relatable and powerful leader, to helping you make better decisions with greater clarity, to allowing you to deal with change and challenge more effectively.

If you’re interested in learning more about mastering your energy in the workplace, I’d love to be a part of your next program! As an Energy Mastery expert and keynote speaker, I give audiences Energy Hacks which are instant, practical, researched, and actionable tools they can use right there in the room and when they get back to their work and home. These Energy Hacks are easy and fun but super powerful in changing your physical and mental well-being so that you can have the influence, impact, and fulfillment you want to have as a leader and human being…no matter what.


Kristen Brown Presents


If you loved these tips, and are interested in learning more about working with Kristen at your next corporate program, visit her website for information on her services and speaking opportunities. And be sure to visit our website to learn more about hosting your meeting or event at The Hutton House.

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