Get Glowing Skin For Your Upcoming Celebration

Whether you are preparing for your own wedding, or will be a guest at an upcoming wedding, graduation, or reunion, summertime is a busy time for all types of events – plenty of reasons to be feeling and looking your best! This month, our guest blogger, Beauty Nurse Krissy, is here to share her tips to achieve Glowing Skin For Your Upcoming Celebration!

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Guest Blogger: Krissy Humke

Our guest blogger this month is Krissy Humke, also known as Beauty Nurse Krissy! Krissy has been providing dermal fillers and Botox injections for over 22 years in the Minneapolis area. Comfortably nestled in Sola Salon (The Shops at West End) she is centrally located on the west side of Minneapolis in St. Louis Park, MN.

With a medical background and artistic eye, Krissy is passionate about helping her Beauties radiate from the inside out. Interested in learning more? Visit her website or follow along on Instagram @beautynursekrissy.

Beauty Nurse Krissy’s Beauty & Event Planning Guide

After a year of postponed weddings and events, this upcoming season is sure to be a busy one for celebrations! As we head into the summer and fall months of 2022, remember to schedule and consider the timing of your favorite BNK beauty treatments. There are lots of options to get you glowing for your special day. Depending on the amount of time prior to your event, here are the ideal procedures to consider.

4 Months Before Event: ToxBooster

Get your skin flawless and glowing with a ToxBooster! Enjoy the numerous benefits of this treatment. You’ll enjoy reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, more even skin tone, reduction in brown spots, smoother skin, less breakouts and better product absorption, to name a few. This procedure combines the VIPeel followed with Botox/Dysport injections at the same treatment. Plan on your skin to peel 3-5 days afterwards. A week later, as the Botox/Dysport begins to have an effect, you’ll have NEW looking skin! You will radiate!

Also, keep in mind that you’ll get even more results with a series of three VIPeel treatments (spaced 4 weeks apart) AND by following the at home skincare regimen including prescriptions containing 4% Hyroquinone (a medication that reduces pigmentation) and .1% Retinoid (an exfoliator that also repairs DNA & creates new collagen).

For more VIPeel info:

2 Months Before Event: Filler Injections

I recommend event attendees schedule their filler treatments 2 months in advance of the big day. This allows for ample time for the filler to assimilate into the tissues, healing, and a follow up, if needed. There are so many types of fillers and desired outcomes. Do not worry, I perform a thorough assessment, with recommendations for full face balancing and treatment protocols.

1 Month Before Event: Botox/Dysport

Refresh your face and smooth out lines with Botox or Dysport about a month out for the ultimate glow on your wedding or event day. Since full results are typically 2 weeks post injections and peak around 4 weeks, this allows for proper timing for healing and a follow-up, if needed.

Keep in mind, as stated above, I do recommend having Botox/Dysport assessment and injections 4 months before the event. It allows more time to obtain knowledge of your face, expression and muscles, as well as how your face responds to the treatment. You will also be able to provide feedback of the results and we may fine tune for your 1 month appointment prior to your event.

1 Week Before Event: Facial

With only a week to go, treat yourself to a VIPeel or a relaxing facial. A peel and skin treatment is a great way to clean out your pores and give your skin that wedding-worthy glow!

Products To Try At Home

See below for my list of recommended at home skincare products and regimen for glowing skin:

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