5 Easy Ways to Brand Your Event

Introducing new event branding packages at The Hutton House

Corporate clients, this one’s for you! We are thrilled to introduce our HH Event Branding Packages.

It is our mission to create a seamless and memorable experience for our clients – from a smooth planning process, to a flawlessly executed event day. Whether it be coordinating AV services, placing linen orders or, now, helping you brand your event, our goal is to streamline your planning efforts so that you can focus on the content that matters most to you!

The warm white ambience of The Hutton House easily lends itself to customization, allowing us to truly highlight your organization’s unique brand or special theme. Our new event branding packages offer clients a curated menu of options, designed to make branding your event easy and stress-free. Read on for 5 Easy Ways To Brand Your Event and contact us to learn more about receiving all of these pieces through our HH Branding Packages.

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Signage is one of the easiest ways to incorporate your company’s brand throughout an event. Everything from your welcome signage, to your bar menu, and even your table numbers can offer an excellent branding touch point for your guests. Allow us to assist with designing and printing these materials for you! Our Tier 1 Branding Package includes all three of these items, customized with your company logo.

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A custom vinyl decal featuring your company logo or messaging is one of our favorite ways to dress up our mobile bars! Additionally, the main bar located in our Lakeside Room features a mirrored backdrop that can be used as a tasteful display for your custom event branding as well. Contact us for more information and pricing to include these items at your next event through our Tier 2 Branding Package offerings.

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Leveraging your AV equipment is another great opportunity to brand your event. Utilize our in-house projector to create an impactful branding moment with your logo or messaging. Our projector rental and a static logo slide design is included in our Tier 2 Branding Package

Examples of event branding at The Hutton House

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Your bar service is the perfect place to add a touch of personality or tie into your brand or event theme. There are so many ways to customize your cocktails and make them a fun accessory to your event ambience! Consider incorporating a meaningful color or special ingredient, or create a clever name inspired by your organization’s mascot or mission. Branded cocktail napkins are also a favorite touch and come included with your custom Signature Sip creation in our Tier 2 Branding Package.

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Take your overall event design from ‘basic’ to ‘branded’ by incorporating a colored or patterned linen into your set-up. Allow our team to curate a specific linen selection to elevate your event design while giving a nod to your company’s brand or event theme.

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LEARN MORE: Contact us to learn more about incorporating our Branding Packages into your next meeting or event.

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